Prayer Quilt March 2014

This is a new prayer quilt i made for a male H.S. classmate of mine.  I pray for the recipient while making it.  The friends and family can tie a knot, say a prayer, and sign the back with quotes and scripture.

I used the AccuQuilt GoBaby die cutter and cut 4 1/2″ squares of fabric, made them into HST, (half square triangles), and trimmed them to 4″ sq.

This quilt measures about 46″ x 60″.  It is a good size to snuggle in and not too restrictive for a hospital bed.

The Prayer Quilt

This is a prayer quilt I made for a friend of mine who is going through cancer, shingles, and kidney stones.  Each time a person ties a knot, a prayer is said, with space on the back to write scripture and personal thoughts.

I used half-square triangles for my pattern.  I started with 5″ squares sewn right sides together diagonally, then trimmed them down to 4 1/2″ square.

The dimensions of this quilt are 41″ x 57″.  I used alot of “happy” fabric, for example, horses, birds, cartoons, etc.

Sandwiching the quilt top

Ok, so here are some pictures of the process of sandwiching the quilt top. I didn’t have any room at my house for this size of a quilt, so i brought it to my church in one of the classrooms. (I first ironed the top and the backing. I minimized the wrinkling by laying it over the bed.) I pulled the backing tight and taped it to the tables with masking tape. Then I placed the batting over it. Smoothed it out. Then I placed the quilt top over that and smoothed it out. Because of some ripples in the top, I left them mostly in the circles to be quilted over and let the batting absorb them. The stars will remain ripple-free. I pinned from the center out with quilting safety pins. I will hand quilt it but not too tightly, in my lap hoop. I am going to stitch-in-the-ditch; no fancy work.

how to hand quilt an old wavy quilt?

Here are a few more pictures to show the waves in the quilt. If I try to flatten it out, then a large wave appears in the middle. If I try to flatten the middle, then waves appear on both ends.
So, I think I will try to baste or pin the top to the batting and backing and ease-in the ripples. I think I will end up quilting over puckers.
Some feedback from Quilting Board mentioned that the batting will help ease the puckers. Others said they wouldn’t mind an old quilt with wonky dimensions!

Hand quilting an antique quilt top

I am going to start hand quilting an antique quilt top that i received. In the picture you see that the sides and ends are uneven. To fix this I turned under the edges to get them as even as i could, instead of cutting off parts of the quilt. I really hate to cut an antique!
The quilt top is also rippled instead of laying flat. This is just part of the uniqueness of an old quilt top that was peiced by hand! I think when i start to hand quilt it, i will quilt over the ripples which may cause some puckering, but i think this will follow the hand-sewn character that already exists.  Otherwise, if i try to flatten it and smooth it out, the quilt will be scewed instead of even dimensions.
Please let me know if you have any suggestions!

Hello world!

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And welcome to my world!  I am Carmen Pimm Tucker and this is a blog of my quilting and sewing classes.  I teach a block-of-the-month class along with other classes.  But for those that missed one of my classes, you will be able to view them here.  Please make comments or ask questions from the videos.  We had alot of fun, even though some of you wanted to strangle me a few times!